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Institute of Applied Data Science



"Dynamic segregation and the disproportionate incidence of COVID-19 in African American communities" with Dr Vincenzo Nicosia

Image: Dr Vincenzo Nicosia
Dr Vincenzo Nicosia

Date: 1 October 2020   Time: 11:00 - 12:00

The Institute of Applied Data Science welcomes Dr Vincenzo Nicosia, Lecturer in Networks and Data Analysis at Queen Mary.

Vincenzo is an academic in the Complex Systems and Networks Group at School of Mathematical Sciences and his mathematical expertise is the complex networks and complex systems. His research is focused on the structure and dynamics of networks, and in particular on the characterisation and modelling of processes on multilayer and multiplex networks. He has been working on random walks, synchronisation, diffusion and opinion dynamics on networks, on growth models for time-varying and multi-layer networks, and on applications of network science to spatial systems, in particular cities and the human brain. He is currently a member of the Council and of the Executive Committee of the Complex Systems Society.

Join us at 11am via the Zoom channel

Location:  Webinar via Zoom
Contact:  Dr Gareth Tyson

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