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"There’s More To Life Than DNA" with Professor Conrad Bessant

Image: Professor Conrad Bessant
Professor Conrad Bessant

Date: 22 April 2021   Time: 11:00 - 12:00    Add this event to your calendar 

The Institute of Applied Data Science welcomes Professor Conrad Bessant, Professor of Bioinformatics at School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London.

Conrad is interested in leveraging the latest proteomics technologies to answer fundamental questions in biology and medicine. In particular, his lab focuses on the development of new and improved methodologies to analyse proteomic mass spectrometry data, and integrate proteomics data with other types of data in multi-omic studies. Current applications of his work include understanding the role of cell signaling in cancer (with Dr Pedro Cutillas, Barts Cancer Institute), studying protein expression during viral infection (with Dr David Matthews, University of Bristol) and large scale evidence-based genome annotation. Key expertise in the lab includes statistics, machine learning, sequence analysis, proteome informatics and software development. Realising that cutting edge proteomics software should be more easily accessible to bench scientists, and easier to integrate with other tools, Conrad's research contributes to the proteomics standards initiative (PSI) and plays a major role in adding proteomics functionality to the popular Galaxy framework.

Join us at 11am via the Zoom channel

Location:  Webinar via Zoom
Contact:  Dr Gareth Tyson

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