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Institute of Applied Data Science



"Conic simplicial complexes" with Professor Jonathan A Barmak

Image: Professor Jonathan A Barmak
Professor Jonathan A Barmak

Date: 15 April 2021   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

The Institute of Applied Data Science welcomes Professor Jonathan Barmak, Professor of Algebraic Topology at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.

Jonathan is also a researcher at National Scientific and Technical Research Council, CONICET, Argentina. CONICET is the main agency that fosters science and technology in Argentina. Jonathan's research interests include: topological group theory, 2-dimensional complexes, fixed point theory, finite spaces and posets, non-Hausdorff spaces.

Talk title: Conic simplicial complexes.

Abstract: A simplicial complex K is r-conic if every subcomplex of at most r vertices is contained in a cone. We will see that for every n there exists r such that r-conicity implies n-connectivity. This proves a conjecture implicitly stated by Even-Zohar, Farber and Mead involving the notion of an ample complex. Our results together imply that the probability of a random complex being n-connected tends to 1 when the number of vertices tends to infinity.

Join us at 3pm on Thursday, 15 April, via Zoom:

Location:  Online via Zoom
Contact:  Dr Michal Filus