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March 2021

Computer-generated virtual unfolding of the sealed letter

Secrets of sealed 17th century letters revealed by dental X-ray scanners

2 March 2021

In a world first, an international team of researchers has read an unopened letter from Renaissance Europe – without breaking its seal or damaging it in any way. The research, published in Nature Communications, describes how an X-ray scanner used in dental research and 'virtual unfolding' allowed the interdisciplinary team to ... [more]

February 2021

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Book your place at The Turing presents: AI UK

26 February 2021

The Alan Turing Institute is delighted to announce that registration has opened for The Alan Turing Institute's landmark event, AI UK. The Institute's highly anticipated two-day online showcase of the very best of UK academic work in artificial intelligence and machine learning will bring together leading thinkers, innovative businesses and ... [more]

Dr Gareth Tyson

New tool reveals security and privacy issues with contact tracing apps

26 February 2021

Researchers have developed a tool to identify security and privacy risks associated with Covid-19 contact tracing apps. COVIDGuardian, the first automated security and privacy assessment tool, tests contact tracing apps for potential threats such as malware, embedded trackers and private information leakage. Using the COVIDGuardian tool, cybersecurity experts assessed 40 Covid-19 ... [more]

Professor Greg Slabaugh

Fostering Collaborations in Digital and Data Science

25 February 2021

This blog post was originally published in The National Centre for Universities and Business on 23 February 2021. By Greg Slabaugh, Professor of Computer Vision and AI at Queen Mary University of London Universities and businesses can achieve large mutual benefits by working together. Universities are keen to show real-world impact by ... [more]

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Turing Data Study Group April 2021 Programme

18 February 2021

Apply to attend The Turing next Data Study Group (12-30 April 2021)! The Alan Turing Institute is inviting applications for the next Turing Data Study Group taking place in April. Data Study Groups are intensive, collaborative hackathons which bring together organisations from industry, government, and the third sector, with talented multi-disciplinary ... [more]

Professor Greg Slabaugh

Expression of Interest call: NEtwork for Medical Image Computing

17 February 2021

Queen Mary Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) is organising a new cross-university network, called the NEtwork for Medical Image Computing (NEMIC). NEMIC aims to unite researchers (academics, postdocs and PhD students) across the University who are performing (or interested) in research relating to medical image computing and related healthcare applications – ... [more]

Dr Elena Doldor

New study shows that men receive more actionable feedback than women in the workplace

16 February 2021

A new study led by an academic from Queen Mary University of London has shed new light on the way in which women's advancement into senior leadership roles remains slower than men's. Published in the Harvard Business Review, the study explored differences in the developmental feedback received by men and ... [more]

Oishi Deb

Celebrating Queen Mary Women in Science

11 February 2021

The UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) aims to recognise the critical role women and girls play in science and technology communities. On this day, Queen Mary University of London is celebrating some of our students, staff and alumni from across the Faculty of Science and ... [more]

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Applications welcome for Queen Mary DeepMind PhD Studentship in AI or Machine Learning

9 February 2021

Queen Mary University of London is inviting applications for the DeepMind PhD Studentship for September 2021. The DeepMind PhD Studentship programme is established at Queen Mary University of London in partnership with leading British AI company, DeepMind. The PhD Studentship supports and encourages under-represented groups, namely female and Black researchers, to ... [more]

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Turing Internship Network Spring 2021 scheme is now Open!

9 February 2021

The Alan Turing Institute is delighted to share with you the details of a new round of the Turing Internship Network, a programme which is designed in collaboration with our business partners and in the aim of enhancing our training offering for doctoral students. Internships are aimed at PhD students. ... [more]

Professor Trevor Graham

AI technology could transform cancer treatment

8 February 2021

A transformational cancer treatment is on the horizon after researchers developed a potentially "game-changing" technique for suppressing tumours. For the first time, scientists have found a way to successfully predict and control the way that cancer cells mutate – manipulating them in ways that make them weaker and easier to treat ... [more]

Professor Claude Chelala

SNPnexus: A valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19

8 February 2021

Researchers from Barts Cancer Institute (BCI), Queen Mary University of London, have released a web-based tool called SNPnexus COVID ( to streamline the analysis of host genetic sequencing data and allow for the identification and prioritisation of genetic variants that may impact an individual's susceptibility ... [more]

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Find an Expert tool - do not forget to update your profile

8 February 2021

It is important to update your online staff profile, or those of the academics you work with, as soon as possible so they are easily searchable using the new Find an Expert tool on the Queen Mary website. If you would like to update a staff profile yourself but do ... [more]

Professor Yang Hao

Scientists propose new way to detect emotions using wireless signals

3 February 2021

A novel artificial intelligence (AI) approach based on wireless signals could help to reveal our inner emotions, according to new research from Queen Mary University of London. The study, led by Professor Yang Hao, Dean for Research (Science and Engineering) and IADS Member of Governance Board, and published in the ... [more]

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IADS PhD Student Forum kicks off today!

2 February 2021

The IADS PhD Student Forum initiative had its kick-off event today! This event was led and organised by 3 PhD students from across Queen Mary University of London: Saeid Ghafouri, PhD Student in Cloud Computing and Machine Learning, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Midori Lucille Calmon, PhD student in ... [more]

January 2021

Dr Magda Osman

How making time for a 'power hour' every day can help you achieve your 2021 goals

28 January 2021

Dr Magda Osman, Reader in Experimental Psychology at School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and Turing Fellow at Queen Mary spoke to The Stylist about how setting realistic expectations for how we spend our time could be the key to success. Magda said: "If you see making time for yourself ... [more]

Dr Gareth Tyson

IADS Researchers Recognised at the annual Faculty of Science and Engineering Celebration Evening

28 January 2021

On Wednesday 20 January the Queen Mary University of London Faculty of Science and Engineering came together to celebrate staff success at this year's Faculty Celebration Evening. Over 300 staff joined the meeting to reflect on the achievements and challenges faced throughout last year and congratulate colleagues on their individual and collective ... [more]

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Commuting patterns could explain higher incidence of Covid-19 in Black Americans

28 January 2021

The disproportionately high Covid-19 infection rates observed in Black Americans could be linked to their daily commuting patterns, according to a new study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. The research found that increased exposure to other ethnic groups, for example as a result of an individual's ... [more]

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Study provides first real-world evidence of Covid-19 contact tracing app effectiveness

27 January 2021

An international research collaboration, involving scientists from the UK, US and Spain, has shed new light on the usefulness of digital contact tracing (DCT) to control the spread of Covid-19. The study, published in Nature Communications, assessed the effectiveness of the Spanish DCT app, Radar COVID, following a 4-week experiment ... [more]

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Queen Mary institutes receive funding for state-of-the-art high performance computing facility

20 January 2021

The Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) and the William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) have been successful in their joint application for internal funds to create a High Performance Computing facility at Queen Mary. High Performance Computing (HPC), refers to computer systems with extremely high computational power that are designed to ... [more]

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IADS PhD Student Forum - Launch

19 January 2021

We are launching the IADS PhD Student Forum initiative today. The IADS PhD Student Forum is the PhD student branch of IADS. It is organized by PhD students for PhD students, spanning all faculties at QMUL. The current advancements of AI and machine learning have changed the way we tackle ... [more]

Professor Nick Bryan-Kinns

The hidden genius of Blob Opera – and how it could get even smarter

14 January 2021

Professor Nick Bryan-Kinns, Professor of Interactive Design, and Dr Marcus Pearce, Senior Lecturer in Music Perception and Cognition, have recently contributed to the Science Focus article: "The hidden genius of Blob Opera – and how it could get even smarter." Blob Opera the machine learning experiment, developed by Google and AI ... [more]

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Scientists publish open resource to help design 'greener' energy systems

12 January 2021

Researchers have created a database of measurements from existing global power grid systems that will help develop new power systems capable of meeting changing demands, such as the move towards renewable energy sources. For the study, the researchers collected power grid data from 17 locations across three continents and covering 12 synchronous ... [more]

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Call for projects for Queen Mary Impact Fund is now OPEN!

12 January 2021

IADS researchers are now encouraged to apply for the Queen Mary Impact Fund programme. Queen Mary Impact Fund programme is our new, harmonised approach to allocating Queen Mary internal impact funds. Queen Mary Impact Fund offers financial support for Queen Mary researchers carrying out impact-enabling projects with a focus on ... [more]

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Turing Research Programmes Showcase Series

11 January 2021

We wish to attract your attention to new interesting event series organised by Turing. It is a series of showcase seminars presenting activities, achievements and plans of all 8 programmes currently supported by the Alan Turing Institute. Research Programmes Showcase: Data Science for Science, 12 Jan 2021, 10.30-12.00 Research Programmes Showcase: Health and ... [more]

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Evolutionary Dynamics of Higher-Order Interactions in Social Networks

11 January 2021

We live and cooperate in networks. However, links in networks only allow for pairwise interactions, thus making the framework suitable for dyadic games, but not for games that are played in larger groups. This research paper, led by Professor Vito Latora, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Chair of Complex Systems and ... [more]

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Call for Applications for the Turing Enrichment Scheme now Open!

8 January 2021

The Turing Enrichment Scheme is now open for applications in 21/22 to PhD students. The scheme supports PhD student placements at the Turing Institute. This could be an excellent opportunity for PhD students whose Research ties in with AI and Data Science. Note that is no 'typical' Enrichment student, and we ... [more]

Professor Conrad Bessant

Investigating mental and physical disorders associated with COVID-19 in online health forums

7 January 2021

Queen Mary Turing Fellows: Dr Fabrizio Smeraldi from School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and Professor Conrad Bessant from School of Biological and Chemical Sciences have recently published an article on their study investigating the mental and physical disorder associated with COVID-19 in online health forums. The study, co-led ... [more]

Professor Claude Chelala

£6.7M investment to harness the power of NHS patient data and develop targeted care

7 January 2021

Barts Life Sciences – a partnership between Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust – has been awarded £6.7m by Barts Charity to research new ways to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases. The diseases that will be studied include COVID-19, cancer, heart disease ... [more]

Dr Magda Osman

Could a wristband or certificate allow you out of lockdown after a negative coronavirus test?

6 January 2021

Dr Magda Osman, Reader in Experimental Psychology and Turing Fellow at Queen Mary has written an opinion piece for The Conversation discussing whether freedom passes based on negative test results could offer a way to avoid placing restrictions on everyone. This approach was recently adopted in Slovakia, where the government ... [more]