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Institute of Applied Data Science



Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs)

4 May 2020

The latest details on the Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) have been updated:

IAA COVID-19 Rapid Response Impact Acceleration programme
Proposals: up to £10,000
Deadline: n/a

This funding is available for translational research projects across physical sciences and engineering disciplines, which have credible potential impact in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects will be expected to start immediately or in a very short timescale (so that impact will be achieved directly and rapidly). Funded projects will be expected to achieve successful outcomes in a short space of time. Projects should start immediately and be completed within 3 months. Applicants can apply at any time. Projects do not need to stem from past/current EPSRC/STFC funded work. More information (+application form and guidance for applicants) is on our IAA webpage:

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EPSRC/STFC IAA Large Grants Competition Programme
Proposals: up to £30,000
Deadline: Monday, 8 June 2020, 5PM

You can apply for the EPSRC IAA and STFC IAA Large Grants Competition programme for funds up to £30,000 each to support the impact creation from EPSRC and STFC funded research. As part of the current competition, proposals for funds up to £10,000 will be evaluated by the IAA panel and proposals for over £10,000 will require an interview with the IAA panel. Funds will need to be spent by end of March 2021, so a clear plan of action is required at the application stage.

Projects achieving commercial impact and/or impact related to combating the COVID-19 pandemic will be prioritized.

Eligibility criteria:
*for projects aiming to accelerate the impact creation from physical sciences and engineering research in relation to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic: no need for a link to EPSRC/STFC funded research;
*for STFC IAA projects not related to COVID-19: projects must stem from past/current STFC funded work (i.e. mandatory to provide grant reference number)
*for EPSRC IAA projects not related to COVID-19: projects need to take forward EPSRC research (i.e. desirable to provide past/current EPSRC grant reference number - if no EPSRC funded work, please provide a narrative as to how your proposal is going to take forward EPSRC research / how it fits EPSRC strategic research themes / how it addresses challenges included in the EPSRC Delivery Plan 2019). Alan Turing Institute Fellows are eligible for EPSRC IAA funding.

In support of this call, IAA team will run weekly "Introduction to IAA programme" webinars on Thursdays, 12-1PM, from 23 April to 28 May. If you are interested in attending these, please send an email to

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EPSRC/STFC IAA Flexible Innovation programme
We still have some funding available for small-scale, short-term impact enabling projects and activities (e.g. short-term tool development, short-term secondments, stakeholder engagement events, etc.). More information about this programme (+application form and guidance for applicants) is on our IAA webpage:

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Introduction to Impact - training webinar session
Date: Tuesday, 12 May, 12.00-1.30PM

This workshop is being held on Tuesday, 12 May, 2020 and will explain impact fundamentals and further explore ways of achieving and creating impact from the QMUL science and engineering research.

More information here:
SIgn-up here: Introduction to Impact RI004

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Fast Track Impact - training webinar sessions
The IAA team is organising two Fast Track Impact webinar workshops on Thursday, 28th May 2020. We still have some places left for this training and thus would like to kindly ask you to promote this opportunity to relevant contacts within your Schools/Institutes. You are also very much welcome to join and attend these training sessions.

Impact Culture 9.30AM-1PM

REF Case Study Review 2-4.30PM

Please note the attendance is limited to 30 participants per session.

Our target audience is: professional services with job remits of impact and knowledge exchange (research managers, industrial liaison managers, etc.) and academics/researchers who are involved in impact and knowledge exchange work.

If you are interested in attending these courses, please send a message with your expression of interest to

Or for further information please contact Dr Michal Filus, Impact Account Officer (Faculty of Science and Engineering) at the email address below.
Contact: Dr Michal Filus