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Lord Clement-Jones, Chair of Council at Queen Mary presents 'Democracy and Technology'

29 June 2020

Lord Clement-Jones, CBE, FRSA
Lord Clement-Jones, CBE, FRSA
Our planned Spring School on Data Science and Quantum Computing was cancelled due to Covid-19 and did not take place this spring at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor. However, our guest of honour, Lord Clement-Jones has kindly shared a video of his talk, 'Democracy and Technology'. The link is below.

Abstract: The last few years has seen the advent of ubiquitous and addictive social media and “surveillance capitalism” with personal data capture allied to algorithm driven targeted political advertising. As a result fake news is rife. All this potentially allows electorates to be unwittingly manipulated. Is our democracy at risk as a result? What is the solution? Do policy makers have the understanding, ability or appetite to respond and regulate appropriately?

Bio: Lord Clement-Jones, CBE, FRSA is a Liberal Democrat Peer in the House of Lords and a consultant of the global law firm DLA Piper. His former positions held include London managing partner (2011–2016), head of UK government affairs, chairman of its China and Middle East Desks, international business relations partner and co-chairman of global government relations. He is chair of Council at Queen Mary.