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Institute of Applied Data Science



Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Call for views (Open Consultation)

14 September 2020

The UK Government's Intellectual Property Office, part of Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, are conducting a Call for Views to gather info relating to how Artificial Intelligence impacts on the Intellectual Property framework.

In this call for views, the IPO wants to understand the implications Artificial Intelligence might have for Intellectual Property policy. The IPO also needs to understand the impact IP might have for AI, in the near to medium term. This call for views sets out how the IPO believes the IP framework relates to AI at present. It also poses a number of questions which the IPO believes are of central importance to the future of AI and IP policy.

This Call for Views covers: patents, copyright and related rights, designs, rrade marks and trade secrets.

Submit your knowledge and ideas here by 30 November 2020.


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