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Institute of Applied Data Science



Statistics and Data Science research group at School of Mathematical Sciences

2 October 2020

Dr Silvia Liverani
Dr Silvia Liverani

Queen Mary School of Mathematical Sciences is excited to announce that the new research group, Statistics and Data Science, has been established this academic year. This Statistics and Data Science research group is headed by Dr Silvia Liverani, Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Queen Mary Turing Fellow.

The Statistics and Data Science research in statistics is at the interface between methodology and applications, because developing statistical methods which are of practical use is essential to influence the discipline of Statistics, as well as other scientific disciplines, policy makers and industry.

The Statistics and Data Science research interest groups include: high-dimensional multivariate statistical modelling, applied Bayesian statistical inference, statistical models for infectious diseases and spatio-temporal modelling, adaptive designs in clinical trials, design and analysis of computer experiments and complex network inference and analysis.

The Statistics and Data Science group seminars are held regularly during the term time.


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