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Pedro Cutillas awarded Queen Mary Innovation Proof of Concept funds to develop innovative translational research

6 October 2020

Professor Pedro Cutillas
Professor Pedro Cutillas

Professor Pedro Cutillas, Professor of Cell Signalling and Proteomics at Cancer Research UK Barts Centre and Queen Mary Turing Fellow, was awarded Queen Mary Innovation Proof of Concept funds to develop his innovative translational research.

In the past few months, Queen Mary alongside other UK Universities had to deal with the social restrictions of the coronavirus. However, this did not stop Queen Mary Innovation, the technology transfer office of Queen Mary, from holding their annual Biopharma and LSI Proof of Concept (PoC) competition aimed for researchers at the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The PoC applications were evaluated for their potential to provide commercially valuable research to patient benefit.

The winners of this year's Biopharma PoC are Prof. Amrita Ahluwalia, Dr. Cleo Bishop, Prof. Pedro Cutillas, and the LSI PoC are Prof. Martin Knight and Dr Natalia Karpukhina alongside Dr Maher Rashwan.

Pedro was awarded £50k for stratifying patients for treatments that reverse or prevent drug resistance.

Pedro said: "The PoC grant application was straightforward and the feedback received from the panel was useful. Drug resistance is major problem that limits the success of anticancer therapies. The research that this grant will support relates to how understanding the mechanisms of how cells communicate may be used to prevent or reverse drug resistance to a class of drugs that target kinases. I anticipate that this research will be extremely useful for us to identify new ways of treating drug-resistant cancer cells so that they become sensitive to therapies.".

More information about Queen Mary Innovation Biopharma and LSI Proof of Concept 2020 funded projects is here.


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