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Institute of Applied Data Science



The Alan Turing Institute Urban Analytics monthly meet-up

15 October 2020

Join the next edition of the Alan Turing Institute Urban Analytics monthly meet up, bringing together members of the urban analytics community, hosted by the Turing urban analytics programme. This session will showcase the latest research from the urban analytics community.

The urban analytics programme at the Turing is focused on the process, structure, interactions and evolution of agents, technology and infrastructure within and between cities across spatial and temporal scales. Data science and AI will be developed and exploited alongside spatial analysis, geostatistics and a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Urban analytics draws from data which are captured by governments, businesses and other intermediaries. Conventional mechanisms such as censuses and surveys are complemented by devices which are increasingly ubiquitous. The Programme supports assessments, projections and interventions which determine the economic and social welfare of people, businesses, governments and third sector agencies.

In addition to government and public planning, the Programme is relevant to organisations across sectors including retail, financial services, mobility, health, policing, and utilities. The diversity in content and approaches gives rise to productive overlaps with many other Turing programmes and challenges.

Event name: The Alan Turing Institute Urban Analytics monthly meet-up
Date: Wednesday, 11 November, 1.00PM

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