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Institute of Applied Data Science



IADS Artificial Intelligence for Materials Discovery Sandpit

20 October 2020

Queen Mary's Institute of Applied Data Science is organising a series of sandpits aiming to propose and develop ideas for new cross-disciplinary research and impact funding calls and programmes.

Our first sandpit is scheduled for Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 14:00-16:00 and has a research theme of 'Artificial Intelligence for Materials Discovery'. This two-hour sandpit workshop will focus on discussing challenges in the artificial intelligence and data science assisted materials discovery.

Materials discovery is a vast space and building on research strengths within the University with certain types of material, there is scope to work on forming cross-disciplinary teams and networking in order to discuss and identify promising new types of AI assisted material discovery for applications in: energy storage and conversion, radiation detection, biomedical technologies.

This event will bring together data science experts and material scientists from across Queen Mary to seed ideas for multi-disciplinary research proposals to tackle challenges related to the discovery of data-driven materials. Interested participants will share their research challenges, propose, discuss and develop ideas for novel projects in theme-specific breakout room discussions. Internal and external funding opportunities will then be briefly presented at the end of the sandpit events. These will include: the recent 1billion Horizon 2020 call for the Green Deal scheme, EPSRC funding, STFC IPS and CLASP 2021 (Challenges: Energy and Healthcare) and internal IAA / Proof of Concept funding.

Event title: AI for Materials Discovery Sandpit
Date and Time: Tuesday, 27 October, 14:00-16:00
Format: virtual event (via Teams)

Please register by sending your expression of interest and a half-a-page synopsis of your expertise and project idea to and by Friday, 23 October 2020. Please state your affiliation and research expertise, briefly describe the research challenge you are facing and your idea for a research project, state what funding calls in the area of AI/data science/materials discovery you wish to apply in near-future, and what you would like to achieve from participating in this event.

Contact: Dr Michal Filus

Updated by: Michal Filus