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Institute of Applied Data Science



Turing Data Debates: Bots in the polling booth

29 October 2020

The Alan Turing Institute Data Debates: Bots in the polling booth. Is AI helping or hindering democracy?

Date and time: Tuesday, 10 November 2020, 17:30 - 19:00

While AI, alongside other emerging digital technologies can strengthen democracy and encourage greater government accountability, online propaganda and misinformation campaigns are also aiding a rise in populism as information pollution affects democratic societies.

As efforts to influence voters of all political persuasions become increasingly sophisticated, is there sufficient understanding of how AI is affecting democracy both for good and bad? What are the opportunities to improve and better safeguard democracy? And what is the role of governments, tech giants, and citizens in making sense of the role of AI in the future of democracy?

Data Debates is a collaboration between The Alan Turing Institute and the British Library and aims to stimulate discussion on issues surrounding big data, its potential uses, and its implications for society.

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