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Institute of Applied Data Science



Turing Leadership Visit to IADS: Latest Opportunities at the Alan Turing Institute

10 November 2020

Dr Donna Brown, Director of Academic Engagement, and Daniel Lovelock, Senior Academic Engagement Manager, both from the Alan Turing Institute, visited IADS on Monday, 2 November 2020.

Donna presented the vision for the Alan Turing Institute (i) to be a national research centre leading on advanced world class research in artificial intelligence and data science, (ii) to train research future leaders and (iii) to take a key role in leading the public conversation around the AI and data science research, tools and applications. The original model for working with Universities was adopted in 2015. Discussions with UKRI/EPSRC have led to the interim model for 2020/21 that assumes that Turing Fellowships will continue on an unfunded renewal basis, retaining the travel/expenses funding and connection to the Turing network: access pass, IT account, external resources from strategic partners. The Alan Turing Institute is currently discussing and developing a new model for the Alan Turing Institute - university collaboration from 2021/2022 onwards.

Donna presented a list of updates from the Alan Turing Institute: a new 5-year strategic partnership with Accenture; the Turing and the Royal Statistical Society partnership to support Joint Biosecurity Centre (providing independent in-site analysis of the NHS Test and Trace data; setting up statistical modelling and machine learning laboratory); organizing the Programmes showcase over December 2020 to March 2021; the Turing Enrichment scheme is not available for 2021; the Turing Internship network is ongoing.

The list of future Alan Turing Institute events includes: AI UK virtual conference (23-24 March 2021); AI and data science in the age of COVID-19 conference (24 November 2020); Data Debates: Bots in the polling booth (10 November 2020) and Talking about my generation (10 December 2020); Data Study Groups for Early Career Researchers.

Further updates included: the Alan Turing Institute's office remains closed; the Annual Report has been published and is accessible online; a new Turing travel and expense system is being put in place.

Ongoing opportunities were presented by Daniel: new and past research and funding calls are advertised on a new Turing website; interest groups (groups for researchers with shared interests; new applications for interest groups are welcome with a deadline of 15 January 2021); Turing programmes and upcoming Programmes showcase; research computing platforms; the Turing bulletin and townhall meetings; access to Turing's physical office space (available once the Alan Turing Institute physical office space is re-opened).

Many thanks once again to Donna and Daniel for attending our Turing Leadership Visit to IADS and presenting these updates and opportunities from the Alan Turing Institute to our IADS and Turing Fellow research communities.

Please contact Megan Liddle, Queen Mary's Turing University Liaison Manager if further queries regarding the Turing Programme arise.

Updated by: Michal Filus