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Learn about Artificial Intelligence and Video Games by Playing Noughts and Crosses

10 December 2020

Dr Mike Cook
Dr Mike Cook

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London Game AI Research Group recently contributed to the latest STEM Challenge, published in Evening Standard here.

Being part of the Evening Standard Future London's STEM Project series of articles, the article explains how we can learn about artificial intelligence and video games by playing noughts and crosses. Dr Mike Cook, Research Fellow at Game AI Research Group, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, describes how noughts and crosses is useful for illustrating how computer programs and AI work.

You can also have a go at playing the noughts and crosses challenge. This challenge is based on an activity co-created by Professor Paul Curzon, Professor of Computer Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences, being part of the Computer Science 4 Fun project at Queen Mary.

Read the full article here.


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