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How making time for a 'power hour' every day can help you achieve your 2021 goals

28 January 2021

Dr Magda Osman
Dr Magda Osman

Dr Magda Osman, Reader in Experimental Psychology at School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and Turing Fellow at Queen Mary spoke to The Stylist about how setting realistic expectations for how we spend our time could be the key to success. Magda said: "If you see making time for yourself as something of an indulgence, that it's taking away from the time that you should be doing work or childcare or other responsibilities, then you will see it as a selfish act because it is in competition with all of these other things. Reframe it by acknowledging that embellishing this aspect of your life is not taking away from the other things you have going on, instead you're actually giving more to them, as you will be happier, more confident, more skilled."

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