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Institute of Applied Data Science



IADS Artificial Intelligence for Humanities and Social Sciences Sandpit Event

8 March 2021

Queen Mary's Institute of Applied Data Science is organising a sandpit event this Thursday for academics and researchers to discuss new ideas for cross-disciplinary research within the areas of artificial intelligence / data science / humanities and social sciences.

The IADS AI for Humanities and Social Sciences sandpit event is scheduled for this Thursday, 11 March, 9.30-11.00AM.

This sandpit event will focus on discussing challenges in the artificial intelligence and data science assisted humanities and social sciences research. Academics from across Queen Mary will have an opportunity to propose, pitch and discuss new ideas for cross-disciplinary research projects. A number of presentations on theme relevant funding opportunities from external guests (research council representatives) will be delivered.

A final agenda for this event is provided below. Many thanks again to our academic colleagues who will present their ideas for new cross-disciplinary research projects.

Date and time: Thursday, 11 March 2021, 9.30-11.00AM

Format: Online Event (via QMplus Blackboard Collaborate). Please use this link to join:

***Final Agenda***

  1. Welcome Address
  2. Keynote Speech: Value of collaboration between Humanities, Social Sciences and Data Scientists by Prof Greg Slabaugh (SEECS, DERI) and Prof Ruth Ahnert (SED)
  3. 3' Elevator Pitch Showcase
  • Pitch 01: AI and the Legal Mind: Applying Alphazero Chess Cognition to Reasoning with Cases in the Common Law by Prof Maksymilian Del Mar (Law)
  • Pitch 02: Algorithms and Competition Enforcement: Promoting Digital Empowerment by Dr Maria Ioannidou and Prof Ioannis Kokkoris (Law)
  • Pitch 03: Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Person: An Interdisciplinary Study by Dr Guan Tang (Law)
  • Pitch 04: Unifying sound archives and printed collections for digital musicology by Dr Emmanouil Benetos and Dr George Fazekas (SEECS)
  • Pitch 05: The Generation of Artificial Intelligence in Africa by Dr Kerry Holden (Geography)
  1. Project Discussions and Collaboration Building
  2. Funding Opportunities
  • Introduction to the UKRI Statement of Opportunities: AI Review: Transforming our World with AI by Joseph Ellery, Senior Research Portfolio Manager: Technology, UKRI ESRC
  • AHRC AI Funding Opportunities by Dr Claire Salinas, Investment Manager, and Dr Dawn Greenberg, Portfolio Manager, AHRC Creative Industries, Design, Arts & AI, UKRI AHRC
  1. Closing Address

To register for this event, please e-mail:

We are looking forward to seeing you at our sandpit event!

Contact: Dr Michal Filus