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Women in Science and Engineering WISE@QMUL International Women's Day 2021 Virtual Conference

8 March 2021

Women in Science and Engineering at Queen Mary University of London (WISE@QMUL) was originally set up in 2009 as an informal student group for discussion of female participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

This year, we aim to strengthen our existing networks and form new collaborations outside of QMUL. We will also replace the acronym STEM with STEMM from now on and align our goals with the Athena SWAN Charter, which encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.

WISE@QMUL ongoing mission is to:

  1. Establish informal links with women working within STEMM sectors that that can act as role models;
  2. Discuss a wide range of career paths; and
  3. Provide encouragement for female students and early career researchers at QMUL.

To achieve this, we arrange events and opportunities to:

  • Examine the current status quo by raising awareness and sparking discussion;
  • Establish lasting networks via informal networking and exposure to female role models;
  • Expand career path options within STEM by introducing members to unconventional careers and giving advice on traditional careers; and
  • Equip future leaders by catalysing personal development for both men and women, with particular focus on communication skills and diversity management.

WISE@QMUL International Women's Day 2021 Virtual Conference

We at WISE@QMUL are excited to announce that we are hosting a free two-day online conference to celebrate International Women's Day 2021. On 25th-26th March we will be joined by many inspiring speakers to discuss two main themes:

  • Ethnic minority women in STEMM.
  • Future directions and priorities for women in STEMM.

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate women in the field of science and engineering who have had remarkable journeys and broken glass ceilings, whilst encouraging young female scientists to pursue careers in STEMM.

Registration for the WISE@QMUL International Women's Day 2021 Virtual Conference is now open. Please register using the below links

WISE@QMUL International Women's Day 2021 Virtual Conference - Day 1 - 25th March 2021:

WISE@QMUL International Women's Day 2021 Virtual Conference - Day 2 - 26th March 2021:

Not sure which sessions to attend? Have a look at the programme [PDF 247KB]

To find out more visit our events page

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Twitter: @WISEQMUL
Instagram: wiseqmul