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Institute of Applied Data Science



IBM Seminar at Queen Mary's Faculty of Science and Engineering

9 April 2021

Dr Peter Waggett, Director, IBM Research, UK
Dr Peter Waggett, Director, IBM Research, UK

Please join us on Thursday 22 April, 10-11.30 am for Science and Engineering's Seminar with IBM.

Dr Peter Waggett, Director, IBM Research, UK will deliver a presentation on IBM's 5 year vision for research topics important to IBM.

Dr Peter Waggett is IBM UK's Director of Research. He leads teams of researchers at the Hursley and Daresbury Laboratories that specialize in providing AI solutions for public and private sector clients and partners. He has extensive research interests in areas such as image processing for biometrics and other applications. He was formerly head of IBM UK's Travel and Transport practice and led teams that delivered a number of innovative e-commerce systems.

You are invited to join the seminar by emailing Dr Christine Manoharan, Faculty Research Manager (Faculty of Science and Engineering):

IADS members are strongly encouraged to attend this seminar.