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Brexit, Digital Platforms and Algorithms: Competition Policy in the UK

21 April 2021

Queen Mary Mile End Institute
Queen Mary Mile End Institute

The Queen Mary University of London Mile End Institute invites you to join them for their webinar on "Brexit, Digital Platforms and Algorithms: Competition Policy in the UK" next Tuesday, 27 April, at 1pm on Zoom.

With investigations into large technology companies' allegedly monopolistic behaviour across the globe, competition policy has become a central issue in economics and politics. But can more robust enforcement of our current rules tame the power of the tech giants? Or, as many influential antitrust scholars such as Lina Khan suggest, do we need a completely new legal framework? As the role of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) expands with Brexit, how does its proposed approach towards tech platforms compare in an international context – especially vis-à-vis the EU – and can it be effective in making sure markets don't tip in favour of a single dominant player? What can the government, academics and the private sector do to tackle the challenges to competition from algorithms that might be prone to collusion, self-preferencing and other harms to fair market outcomes?

To discuss these issues, join our expert panellists Amelia Fletcher CBE (Professor of Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia and former member of the Digital Competition Expert Panel), Mike Walker (Chief Economic Adviser at the CMA) and David Parker (Director in the Competition Practice at Frontier Economics). David Pakozdi will chair the discussion.

Register for this event here.