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Are we seeing signs of new particles?

29 April 2021

Professor Adrian Bevan
Professor Adrian Bevan

You are invited to join the next School of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium on Thursday, 29 April, at 4.30pm on MS Teams discussing signs of new particles.

The Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment at CERN recently reported evidence for a new type of fundamental interaction, that could be from a new particle. This hints at possible new physics effects arising from the existence of unidentified particles in a decade long trail of unexplained anomalies. The measurements rely on applying quantum interference to "sense" the existence of high energy particles.

Join Professor Adrian Bevan, Deputy Director of IADS, and Dr Marcella Bona as they talk about the measurement method in the context of quark flavour physics, the LHCb result and work at the ATLAS experiment that the particle physics group at Queen Mary continues to play a lead role in.

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