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Institute of Applied Data Science


Dr Fabrizio Smeraldi

Fabrizio Smeraldi

Lecturer in Risk and Information Management & Turing Fellow

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
CS322, 3rd floor, Peter Landin
+44 20 7882 5167


Applications of Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics, Foundational aspects of computing


He is mainly interested in applications of Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Bioinformatics; Foundational aspects of computing; Cybersecurity. His recent work includes:

  • Decision support for cyber security
  • Thermodynamics of confidentiality
  • Boosting (for clustering; and information theory; applied to humanoid robotics; applied to protein-protein interaction)
  • Ranklets (multiscale image representations based on rank statistics)
  • Quantum Information Retrieval


Publications of specific relevance to Applied Data Science


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Bello-Cerezo R, Bianconi F, Di Maria F, Napoletano P and Smeraldi F (2019). Comparative evaluation of hand-crafted image descriptors vs. Off-the-Shelf CNN-Based features for colour texture classification under ideal and realistic conditions. Applied Sciences (Switzerland)  vol. 9, (4) 10.3390/app9040738
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