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Institute of Applied Data Science


Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov

Ildar Farkhatdinov

Lecturer in Robotics

Department School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
 Peter Landin, CS 409
+44 20 7882 7824


Human-machine interaction, Robot design and control, Human sensorimotor control, Virtual reality


My research interests:

human-robot/computer interaction
haptics and virtual reality
control for robotic and mechatronic systems
mechatronics and mechanical design

My research topics:

mobile robot teleoperation
surgical robot teleoperation
nonlinear control and observation
vision telepresence
augmented reality for automotive education
industrial crane teleoperation


Publications of specific relevance to Applied Data Science


Palermo F, Konstantinova J, Poslad S, Althoefer K and Farkhatdinov I (2020). Automatic Fracture Characterization Using Tactile and Proximity Optical Sensing. Frontiers Media  Frontiers in Robotics and Ai  10.3389/frobt.2020.513004
Sun F, Zang W, Huang H, Farkhatdinov I and Li Y (2020). Accelerometer-Based Key Generation and Distribution Method for Wearable IoT Devices. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Internet of Things Journal  vol. PP, (99) 1-1. 10.1109/jiot.2020.3014646
Huang HY, Farkhatdinov I, Arami A, Bouri M and Burdet E (2020). Cable-driven robotic interface for lower limb neuromechanics identification. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Transactions On Biomedical Engineering  1-1. 10.1109/tbme.2020.3004491
Huang H-Y, Arami A, Farkhatdinov I, Formica D and Burdet E (2020). The influence of posture, applied force and perturbation direction on hip joint viscoelasticity. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering  10.1109/TNSRE.2020.2983515
Junput B, Farkhatdinov I and Jamone L (2020). Touch It, Rub It, Feel It! Haptic Rendering of Physical Textures with a Low Cost Wearable System. 10.1007/978-3-030-63486-5_29


Farkhatdinov I, Michalska H, Alain B and Vincent H (2019). Idiothetic Verticality Estimation\\through Head Stabilization Strategy. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters  10.1109/LRA.2019.2913790
Farkhatdinov I, Michalska H, Berthoz A and Hayward V (2019). Gravito-inertial ambiguity resolved through head stabilization. Proceedings of The Royal Society a: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences  vol. 475, (2223) 10.1098/rspa.2018.0010
Farkhatdinov I, Ebert J, Van Oort G, Vlutters M, Van Asseldonk E and Burdet E (2019). Assisting Human Balance in Standing With a Robotic Exoskeleton. Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters  vol. 4, (2) 414-421. 10.1109/LRA.2018.2890671


FARKHATDINOV I, Michalaska H, Berthoz A and Hayward V (2018). Review of Anthropomorphic Head Stabilisation and Verticality Estimation in Robots. Springer  Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems  10.1007/978-3-319-93870-7_9


Ogrinc M, FARKHATDINOV I, Walker R and Burdet E (2017). Sensory integration of apparent motion speed and vibration magnitude. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Transactions On Haptics  10.1109/TOH.2017.2772232
FARKHATDINOV I, Roehri N and Burdet E (2017). Anticipatory detection of turning in humans for intuitive control of robotic mobility assistance. Iop Publishing  Bioinspiration and Biomimetics  10.1088/1748-3190/aa80ad
Ogrinc M, FARKHATDINOV I, Walker R and Burdet E (2017). Horseback riding therapy for a deafblind individual enabled by a haptic interface. Association For The Advancement of Rehabilitation Technology  Assistive Technology  10.1080/10400435.2017.1288178


Ogrinc M, Farkhatdinov I, Walker R and Burdet E (2016). Deaf-Blind Can Practise Horse Riding with the Help of Haptics. Haptics: Perception, Devices, Control, and Applications  10.1007/978-3-319-42321-0_42


Farkhatdinov I, Michalska H, Berthoz A and Hayward V (2013). Modeling Verticality Estimation During Locomotion. Cism International Centre For Mechanical Sciences, Courses and Lectures  10.1007/978-3-7091-1379-0_44


Farkhatdinov I, Ryu JH and Poduraev J (2009). A user study of command strategies for mobile robot teleoperation. Intelligent Service Robotics  vol. 2, (2) 95-104. 10.1007/s11370-009-0036-9


Farkhatdinov I, Ryu J-H and Poduraev J (2008). Control Strategies and Feedback Information in Mobile Robot Teleoperation. Ifac Proceedings Volumes  vol. 41, (2) 14681-14686. 10.3182/20080706-5-kr-1001.02486


Grants of specific relevance to Applied Data Science
National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR)
Stolkin R, Taylor CJ, Montazeri A, Giuliani M, Richardson TS, Althoefer KA, Scott TB, Farkhatdinov I, Hansard ME, Pipe AG, Leonardis AXC, Cavallaro AA, Stone R, Richards AG, Mistry MN, Peer A, Mcdonald-Maier KD, Melhuish C, Herrmann G, Jamone L, Poslad S, Hanheide MA, Neumann G and Malkin R
£11,588,430 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (01-10-2017 - 31-03-2021)