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Institute of Applied Data Science


Dr John Robson

John Robson

Clinical Reader in Primary Care Research & Development

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
020 7882 2479


cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD, reducing self-monitoring of blood glucose in type 2


His research interests focusses around cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes; equity and delivery of primary care; and improvement in disease management. His recent and ongoing research projects include: Described equity of provision for CVD, diabetes and COPD. Taken up by local PCTs; QDScore: descriptive data from east London; Funded by PCTs; and reducing self-monitoring of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes: Improvement project evaluation 3 PCTs.


Grants of specific relevance to Applied Data Science
Centre for Health service and Academic Partnership in Translational eHealth Research (CHAPTER)
Hemingway H, Taylor P, Stephenson JM, Parmar MKB, Rossor MN, Goldberg A, Catchpole MA, Freemantle N, Hayward AC, Kalra D, Caulfield MJ, Nazareth ID, Wilson AG, Coveney PV, Brocklehurst P, Dezateux CA, Shawe-Taylor JS, Deanfield JE, Castillo FD, Pillay D, Denaxas SC, Carpenter JR, Gilbert RE, Robson JP, Bedford HE, Hingorani AD, Petersen SE, Moore AT, Timmis AD, Pebody RG, Smeeth LL, Petersen I and Blandford AE
£4,447,081 Medical Research Council (01-03-2013 - 31-12-2018)