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Institute of Applied Data Science


Dr Lorenzo Jamone

Lorenzo Jamone

Lecturer in Robotics & Turing Fellow

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
CS 407, Peter Landin Building, Mile End
Tel +44 (0)20 7882 7825


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Engineering, software engineering, tactile/force sensing


I am Lecturer in Robotics at ARQ (Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary), Queen Mary University of London, UK. I am interested in robot learning and cognition, with a focus on body schema, affordances, eye-hand coordination, manipulation, tool use, tactile/force sensing.

I also collaborate with VisLab, at the Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica of the Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon, Portugal), as visiting associate researcher in humanoid and cognitive robotics, and with SuganoLab, at the Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering of Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan), as visiting professor in tactile sensing for robotic manipulation.

Before I was with the Biped Group of Takanishi Lab (Waseda University), and with the RBCS (Robotics Brain and Cognitive Science) Department of the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology).


Publications of specific relevance to Applied Data Science


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Junput B, Farkhatdinov I and Jamone L (2020). Touch It, Rub It, Feel It! Haptic Rendering of Physical Textures with a Low Cost Wearable System. 10.1007/978-3-030-63486-5_29


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Grants of specific relevance to Applied Data Science
National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR)
Stolkin R, Taylor CJ, Montazeri A, Giuliani M, Richardson TS, Althoefer KA, Scott TB, Farkhatdinov I, Hansard ME, Pipe AG, Leonardis AXC, Cavallaro AA, Stone R, Richards AG, Mistry MN, Peer A, Mcdonald-Maier KD, Melhuish C, Herrmann G, Jamone L, Poslad S, Hanheide MA, Neumann G and Malkin R
£11,588,430 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (01-10-2017 - 31-03-2021)