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Institute of Applied Data Science


Professor Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes

Professor of Bioinformatics and Director of the Centre for Translational Bioinformatics & Turing Fellow /
Institute Deputy Director

Department Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
 Centre for Translational Bioinformatics
+44(0) 20 7882 2059


Pathway analysis of Genetic and Genomic data, Exome and Whole Genome Re-sequencing, Multi-Omics and Stratified Medicine, Trauma Injury Research, Clinical Informatics


He is an investigator at the London Farr Institute and also serves on the board and executive of eMedLab (, a ground breaking cloud computing facility funded by the MRC. He is also a co-investigator on several stratified medicine projects, including MRC PSORT (Psoriasis), MRC RA-Map (RA), MRC MATURA (RA) and MRC Target (Giant Cell Arteritis)


Publications of specific relevance to Applied Data Science


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