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Institute of Applied Data Science


Dr Mark Freestone

Mark Freestone

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Psychiatry & Turing Fellow

Department Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
 Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
+44 (0) 20 3465 6942


Generation and evaluation of Bayesian Networks, Evaluation of Psychologically Informed Planned Environments, Artificial Intelligence, Adult antisocial syndrome


Since his initial appointment to Queen Mary in 2009, he has worked on studies including the epidemiology of violence; outcomes research in forensic mental health services; causal inference networks for violence risk management; clinical sub-types of personality disorder and psychopathy; substance misuse as a risk factor for violence; and patterns of service use by young men in the UK. His current research is into causal mechanisms in risk assessment using Bayesian Networks, and the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for offenders with personality disorder. In 2015 he received funding from the Ministry of Justice to conduct a mixed-method evaluation of the combined Ministry of Justice/NHS England initiative to develop Psychologically Informed Planned Environments (PIPEs) within HM Prison Service and the Probation service across England and Wales.


Publications of specific relevance to Applied Data Science


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Grants of specific relevance to Applied Data Science
Evaluation of Psychologically Informed Planned Environments (PIPEs)
Freestone MC
£133,724 UK National Offender Management Service (NOMS) (04-01-2016 - 04-01-2018)
Improving Risk Management in Mental Health Services - A Multi-Methods Approach
Freestone MC
£2,096,828 National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) (01-07-2008 - 30-06-2014)