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Institute of Applied Data Science


Professor Maria Liakata

Maria Liakata

Professor and AI Fellow at the Turing Institute

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Peter Landin, CS 320


Natural Language Processing, Time Sensitive Sensors, Language sensing for dementia monitoring & diagnosis, computational semantics, scientific discourse analysis.


Maria holds a prestigious Turing AI fellowship award on Creating Time Sensitive Sensors from Language & Heterogeneous User-Generated Content (2019-2024).  She is also leading projects which cover “Emotion sensing using heterogeneous mobile phone data”, “Language sensing for dementia monitoring & diagnosis” , “Multi-modal processing for bipolar diagnosis” and “Opinion summarisation from social media”. 

Maria has a DPhil from the University of Oxford on learning pragmatic knowledge from text.  Her work has contributed to advances in knowledge discovery from corpora, automation of scientific experimentation and automatic extraction of information from the scientific literature. She has published widely both in NLP and interdisciplinary venues. Past awards include an IBM Faculty Award for work on emotion sensing from heterogeneous mobile phone data, being a co-investigator on the EU Project PHEME, which studied the spread of rumours in social media (2014-2017) and an Early Career Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust (2010-2013) on reasoning with scientific articles.  

Research interests

Natural language processing (NLP), NLP for social and biomedical applications, analysis of multi-modal and heterogeneous data and especially the development of personalised longitudinal language processing, opinion mining and summarisation, rumour verification, biological text mining and computational semantics.

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